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Hints, Tips, and Strategies for Evony

Historic Hero List

complete historic hero list for evony

This list compiled by myself features every historic hero in Evony and most of their stats. The list is nearly complete, with over 99% of the Evony historic heroes stats listed.

View Historic Hero List

Undraftable Numbers

guide to undraftable troop numbers for evony

If you find yourself being drafted everyday in Evony, you get weaker and your enemy gets stronger. The only way to avoid this is to make your troops undraftable.

View Undraftable Numbers


guide to combat for evony

Guides to all the different Evony combat mechanics and troops. Featuring information on different wave combinations, scouting, training, and raising/losing honour.

View Combat Guide

Historic City Map

complete historic city map for evony

Maps of every level 14 and 16 Historic City as well as the co ordinates of Atlantis. Theres is also downloadable maps of every level 12 Historic City in every state in Evony.

View Historic City Map

Historic Cities

guide on how to capture historic cities in evony

Information on everything to do with historic cities in Evony including how to capture each of them. There's also statistics including historic city regeneration rates and drafting.

View Historic City Guide


guide to farming in evony

Guide to farming medals, gems, prestige, materials, scripts as well as how to mass farm everyday using ballista and warriors to acquire hundreds of gems everyday.

View Farming Guide

Non Player Cities (NPC's)

guide to non player cities in evony

Guide to everything to with Non Player Cities including NPC troops and walls, NPC buildings, getting your royal, and attacking and gathering resources from NPC's

View Non Player Cities Guide

Food and Troop Calculator

food and troop calculator for evony

Work out all your troop numbers and how much food they eat each and altogether per day and per hour with and without hungry no more with the Food and Troop calculator.

View Food and Troop Calculator