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Archer Rainbows

Archer rainbows are the real main attack configuration you can use to attack at the start of the game and weaker players further into the game.

As you progress further into a server and players start building up large defences with millions of troops with mechanics in them, archer rainbows will have no effect on them because they will be completely out-ranged. In this case you need to layer the rainbows with very thick layers but because you will have to bring down the archer count within the rainbow and replace them with other units you will only cause a small amount of damage, in that case you really need to start using mech rainbows. If you have a lot of troops you can still use the thick layered archer rainbows to soften up your target and raise their honour but it will be costly.

When Attacking Players With Small Troop Counts

The basic idea behind the archer rainbow is simple. Each layer gives your archers an extra round of firing before they get hit by the enemy. Because you have only a small amount of units in each layer, they will probably be killed in one round each. The problem with this setup is if the enemy has Archer towers, archers, ballista and catapults, they will fire and kill 3 layers at the one time meaning in just a couple of rounds your rainbow will be killed long before your archers get into firing range.

NOTE: Archer rainbows have to attain tradefire to be effective, so always remember that.

  • 1,000 Workers
  • 1,000 Warriors
  • 1,000 Scouts
  • 1,000 Pikemen
  • 1,000 Swordsmen
  • 500 Cavalry
  • 500 Cataphracts
  • 94000 Archers (more if you have the required leadership)

When Attacking Players With Big Layers of Troops

This is only an example of how to thicken up your layers within the rainbow. How you configure it will depend on what your enemy has in their city. If the enemy has a good few cavalry you can include more pikemen. The idea is really to have an amount of troops in each layer that will not be killed in one round therefore giving your archers more time to advance and get in range of the enemy archers. You must ensure that every layer has enough troops so that the layer will not be completely killed by the enemies wall defences also.

  • 3,000 workers
  • 3,000 warriors
  • 3,000 scouts
  • 3,000 pikemen
  • 3,000 swordsmen
  • 5,000 cavalry
  • 5,000 cataphracts
  • 75,000 Archers (more if you have the required leadership)

When Farming Lv10 NPC's

This configuration seems to be the most cost effective when farming level 10 NPC's. It has just enough workers, warriors and scouts to hit the traps in the NPC's walls to ensure that they only kill a minimum number of archers. Your losses on level 10 NPC's are really dictated by your star set, and you must have over about 280 attack anyway even without the star set to ensure you don't take massive losses.

NOTE: Always use full attack when hitting level 10 NPC's. Intel has pretty much no impact on losses, but the higher your attack, the less losses you will take.

  • 2000 Workers
  • 2000 Warriors
  • 4000 Scouts
  • 92000 Archers (more if you have the required leadership, can replace some with transporters if farming resources)