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Capturing Historic Heroes

Capturing Historic Heroes from NPC’s / Flats

To capture historic heroes from flats or NPC’s its pretty simple really.

First off you have to buy the picture of the hero by going into your Inn and clicking on Folk Hearsay. After paying 10 cents you will be given the location of the hero. If you have to capture the hero very quickly, the best thing to do is use an advanced city teleporters and teleport right beside where the hero is. You don't have to conquer the city he is in, just attack it (usually once or twice will get him) and win the battle.

NOTE: You cannot capture the hero if you do not have a lv5 Inn in the city you are attacking from

NOTE: Always have a free slot in your feasting hall for the hero

NOTE: If you don't have any advanced city teleporters, you can use thunder raid to quickly attack where he is from a far distance, however you will need a lot to get there quickly if you are very far away.

Capturing Historic Heros from Players

Capturing historic heroes from players can be extremely hard or extremely easy. There are two scenarios where you can acquire them, in attack and in defence

In Attack

To take a historic hero from a player attacking them, you must conquer their city. After you conquer the city the historic hero is in, one of two things will happen, either the hero will be captured by you and he will be in the feasting hall where you can persuade him or he will run back to an NPC / Flat where you must as quick as you can teleport and get him before anyone else.

NOTE: You must click "accept task" in the Inn after you have bought the historic hero picture in order to capture him by conquering a player city.

In Defence

It is difficult to Capture historic heroes from players attacking you however it can be done. Firstly if the player attacks you and fails to win the battle there is a chance you can capture the hero even if loyalty is full. You can use stratagems such as beauty trap (decreases hero strength 30% to 80%) or Alienating and instigating (decreases loyalty 10% to 50%) on the attacking players city. Even if the attacking player raises the hero loyalty and energy to 100 the status effects from the stratagem still apply meaning a failed attack by them will almost certainly land you the hero.