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Capturing Level 18 Historic Cities

capturing level 18 historic cities/ atlantis in evony

The most important city on the map provides you with 10 drafts per day which can be drafted from anywhere on the map. It is possible to capture it with just a few strong players with a large number of historic heroes and a few capital cities to launch the waves

They allow you to launch 300,000 waves (375,000 with war ensign).

Draft Range

Entire map/server


Troop Count

As far as I know only the pikemen and swordsmen alternate in level 18 historic cities/Atlantis on new servers. I'm not exactly sure how the rotation works, as I have seen a level 18 historic city keep its configuration for weeks without anything alternating, but a number of players have said to me that it eventually changes between pikemen and swordsmen

Warrior 14,000,000
Pikemen / Swordsman 2,033,330
Archer 856,140
Cataphracts 1,355,555
Catapult 183,000


Its best to try to spam out as much walls as possible

Traps 22,000
Abatis 11,000
Archer Towers 6,666
Rolling Logs 6,000
Defensive Trebuchet 5,000

If you camp all your loyalty waves, make sure to send at least 40, or more if you can. After the city is broken and its troops wiped it varies how many loyalty waves it takes to capture it. Sometimes only 30, but some times over 40. Also make sure you have a city ready to teleport to the historic city if you need extra loyalty waves.

Method 1

Technically it would be possible to take Atlantis by yourself however because everyone races to take it early in the server it would practically be impossible to take it by yourself before another alliance co ordinated and takes it

4,000,000 Pikemen

2,600,000 archers (rainbows with 1,000 layers)

650,000 ballista (rainbows with 1,000 layers)

500,000 scouts

15,000 cavalry/15,000 archers/120,000 cataphracts (5200 range)