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catapults unit type evony

The catapult was one of the earliest forms of artillery, with records indicating that they were in use by the Greeks as far back as 400 BC. It was a large mechanical arm that propelled heavy stones and other missiles from a great distance, battering down walls and inflicting damage on buildings and defenders. Catapults could easily launch projectiles 500 to 1000 feet with a surprising amount of force behind them. Though cumbersome and nearly useless on the battlefield, the catapult was an effective weapon in siege operations.

Game Description

Catapults throw huge rocks from a long distance; they are most effective in destroying enemy fortifications.

Advantages and Uses

Outrange all units

Very high attack

Excellent in defence and attack

Slaughter infantry units

Most players on the server wont be able to produce a large number of them, which means they provide a significant advantage over most players.

When used properly in mech rainbows you will always achieve trade fire with the defending archers

You nearly always lose honour when you attack your opponent, even when you win


Painfully slow to make

Require lv10 barracks to make which means you must use a large amounts of Michelangelo scripts to produce them

Really you must attack a city from 1 mile away with them because they move so slow

Eat a large amount of food when in your city

When moving them transporters are a must because they eat so much when traveling

Unit Statistics

Without research boosts
Population 8
Life 480
Attack 600
Defence 200
Food 125
Load 75
Range 80
Speed 1500

With full research boosts
Population 8
Life 720
Attack 900
Defence 300
Food 125
Load 150
Range 160
Speed 2250

Unit Cost

Basic Cost
Food 5000
Lumber 5000
Stone 8000
Iron 1200

With 25% reduction Buff
Food 3750
Lumber 3750
Stone 6000
Iron 900

Unit Training Time

Training Time: 1 hr 40 min

(Without research or attack bonus)

Technology Bonus (TECH)
Level 1 1 hr 30 min
Level 2 1 hr 21 min
Level 3 1 hr 12 min 54 sec
Level 4 1 hr 5 min 36 sec
Level 5 59 min
Level 6 53 min 2 sec
Level 7 47 min 42 sec
Level 8 42 min 54 sec
Level 9 38 min 36 sec
Level 10 34 min 44 sec

TECH plus Hero Attack Bonus
100 Attack 30 min 18 sec
200 Attack 26 min 18 sec
300 Attack 22 min 56 sec
400 Attack 19 min 56 sec
500 Attack 17 min 20 sec
600 Attack 15 min 4 sec
700 Attack 13 min 6 sec
800 Attack 11 min 24 sec
900 Attack 9 min 54 sec
1000 Attack 8 min 36 sec

Most of these figures are accurate, a few are off by a couple of seconds. But overall they are a good indication of what the bonuses are. The formula for the technology bonus is very simple, 10% reduction per level, ((min*60+sec)-10%)/60. The attack bonus was slightly harder to figure out but in the end it seems every 100 points of attack reduce the time by 13%, so ((min*60+sec)-13%)/60.