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Facebook Buffs

These buffs can be used to really level; the playing field with players that are much stronger than you


uprising facebook buff evony

NOTE: To use this buff you must be colonised and initiate an uprising.

The buff lasts for 8 hours

This is quite possibly the one of the most important elements that you can use in the game. It provides a massive boost in multiple areas.

Increase army's defence by 5% every click up to a maximum of 50%

Increases heroes leadership by 3 points up to a maximum of 30 points

Increases heroes attack by 3% up to a maximum of 30%

This buff can be applied to quickly train up your heroes. With the extra leadership points it means your hero will lead more troops effectively and be able to attack higher level NPC's when they are at lower levels.

The extra attack points can be used both to scout, attack and defend

Buxom Wenches

buxom wenches facebook buff

NOTE: This buff lasts for 8 hours

This post provides a good boost to your troops life and speed however it should never be use when co coordinating multiple waves as it screws up the timing completely. The buff is not taken into account in the timer in the rally spot so waves will not land when you think they will.

Increases movement speed by 1% with every click, up to a maximum of 10%

Increases hit points by 1% with every click, up to a maximum of 10%