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Farming Materials

Materials are what is needed to get your gear up before you start upgrading your stars. As you go up through the levels it takes a higher amount of materials to up grade each piece. A lot of players will just buy the materials, but you can pick up a huge amount of them off the wheel of fortune and also from farming them from valleys

NOTE: To farm these materials hit lv10 valleys. You can capture and abandon the valley to instantly regenerate troops. Hitting the valley without capturing it will mean it takes an hour for the troops to regenerate. Try to hit as many at once as you can preferably 9 from each city. You could say the materials are rare but with constant farming you can acquire a good few in a week and every one counts when you want to upgrade your gear.

crude gemstone material evony

Crude Gemstone

This can be picked up from deserts

thoroughbred material evony


This can be picked up from lakes

fabric material evony


This can be picked up from lakes

iron ore material evony

Iron Ore

This can be picked up from hills

wood material evony


This can be picked up from forests