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Hero Leadership

At the start of Evony its a race to get Historic Hero's and the players that spend the most cash will usually pick up the most of them. Its not uncommon on new servers now for all the Historic Hero's to be taken in the first day. What this means for most players is that they will have to make do with normal heroes until they can get their hands on Historic Hero's either from taking them from active or inactive players.

Leadership Formula

Some normal heroes can have quite good stats but the main difference between normal and Historic Hero's is the Leadership quality. Leadership allows heroes to lead more troops both in attack and defence. But normal heroes are severely limited in what they can lead.

The leadership formula is as follows

((leadership x 10) + level) x leadership

To put this into practice it means a lv100 hero can lead 110k troops effectively.

(100x10) x 10) + 100 = 110,000

In defence your hero will lead 110k troops effectively while the other troops you have will fight at 25% the attack bonus of your hero.

Extra troops in defence not covered by leadership will always fight at 25% of your heroes attack bonus.


In attack it is quite different. It means if you send over that number them extra troops might as well have no hero leading them which means no attack bonus to them.


You will just lose the extra troops as well as what you would have lost if you sent 110k.


Enter the face book uprise post. This buff when you get 10 clicks will add an extra 30 points of leadership thus....

((130x10) +100) x 130 = 182,000

Using this buff you can effectively lead nearly a full wave with war ensign from a Lv 14 Historic City. When sending using this buff from a lv14 HC, don't bother sending the 187k you can send with the ensign but just send the 182k, its the same principal as i stated before, the extra troops will just die with no benefit to the attack. In defence this buff provide a big boost also so its always a good idea to have it on. You have to have HH when launching from lv16s and 18s

Leadership Calculator