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Hero Recruitment

Politics Hero's

There is only one real important stat you need for politics heroes and that is of course politics. Try to get around 70 as its base and get just one for every city. If you are under constant attack and it seems inevitable that you will lose cities then train up an extra one or two and keep them in case you lose a city when your offline and you need to rebuild quick without having to take a good mayor from another city. Mayors can level up very quickly as they gain experience from troops trained and the more valuable the troops trained the more xp they gain. Ballista building and catapult building will level them up very quickly.

Attack Hero's

Attack heroes are not just based around a good attack value, you should always try to get a base of around 50 Intel on each of them as well. In the Inn look for high level heroes around level 40 with around 80+ in attack and 70+ in Intel. When you redistribute the points they should end up about 69+ attack and 50+ Intel. If you search the Inn constantly you can pick up heroes with 69+ attack and 65+ Intel. The reason for looking for good Intel on attack heroes is certain units have their life extended with just 50 Intel and some have their life expended with slightly more meaning you can place on or two pieces of gear to Intel (wise mans set) while not really effecting your attack. 69+ attack heroes are fairly easy to pick up and you will find ones at low level, (lv1 to 5) with this base easy.

Intelligence Hero's

Most people think that when you have done all your research you should just scrap all your Intel heroes and get attack ones. This is one of the biggest mistakes players can make when it comes to hero recruitment. Always keep at least 8 or 9 and place them either in one city from which you can farm high level NPC's nearby or spread them out if you need to. Here's what a lot of people don't know....

Certain units like warriors and archers gain more life when Intel is high, up to a maximum boost of 730 Intel. However some units like cataphracts don't gain any extra life from Intel because their life is max out already.

An example is this, lets say you attack a lv9 NPC, you can actually defeat this no problem wit a hero attack of even 20! as long as your heroes has 100 leadership. 100k warriors with a hero with full leadership will defeat it no problem, extra attack wont defeat it any quicker, so why add points to attack when you can add them to Intel and increase the life of your units thus decreasing losses. A high star set (lv9+ giving you a life bonus) along with with a very high Intel hero will mean if you draft a lot of warriors you can hit Lv 7, 8, 9 NPC's dozens of times acquiring hundreds of millions of resources a day.

Hero Hunting

So far the highest base hero i have seen from the Inn was a 76 base attack hero. Using the holy water posts from Facebook you can recruit hero's and pick and choose which ones you want and build an army of super stat heroes.

inn hero list evony

The hero highlighted in red is an example of what to look for in the Inn. At lv47 when redistributed an average of around 16 points should come of each stat. But the points will never be the same of each stat. Here probably 10 points will come off politics leaving him with a base of 70. The other 37 points will probably come of Intel (maybe 20 in this case) and attack (around 17). For high heroes, 75+, you want the highest stat to be around 91.

recruiting heroes with over 75 base stats from the inn evony

The hero circled here will almost certainly end up wit around 69 attack and over 50 Intel when stats are redistributed using holy water.

Naming Heroes

Being able to quickly know what heroes have what stats is very important. You can name heroes things like ATTACK, INTEL, POL etc or you can base their names on multiple stats. I myself prefer to call them things like a69p59. (in this case a=attack while p=Intel. The reason for using p instead of i is that i is hard to see and makes the name hard to read. Hero names in Evony cannot contain spaces so you cannot use a69 i59 say)

Another important note is to try to get all your feasting halls to level 10, and only fill 9 spots. Always keep a free spot in each cities feasting hall so you can easily move around your highest heroes, intelligence hero for research, high attack hero for troops training etc.