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Mech Rainbows

Ballista Rainbows

Before you hit with a ballista rainbow you must try to get the enemies walls down to a very few number of traps/abatis etc. When you do you can maximise the number of ballista you can send in the wave. The ballista rainbow is similar to archer rainbows in the fact that you need every layer to survive being hit by the enemy wall defences and killed in one round. This will give your ballista more rounds to fire on the enemy troops

With a large enough number of ballista and a high attack hero you can kill all the enemies troops, even if they have large layers. Your biggest problem will be if the enemy has large number of mechanics in their city.

Ballista waves work best when the enemy still has ranged wall units like traps/abatis giving you a 5200 pace battle field, meaning you have the maximum time to fire.

  • 500 Workers
  • 500 Warriors
  • 500 Scouts
  • 500 Pikemen
  • 500 Swordsmen
  • 500 Archers
  • 500 Cavalry
  • 500 Cataphracts
  • 94,000 Ballista
  • 2,000 Battering Rams

NOTE: If your launching a wave like this your best off using a war ensign to maximise its effectiveness, just include more ballista with the extra troop space

Catapult Waves

Because catapults move so slow on the battle field, including a large number of layers will actually be of no real use. What you need to include in these waves is units that are very slow and will move just ahead of your catapults. Battering rams can act as a shield while your pults get off a few extra rounds of firing on the enemy. But remember these waves are extremely costly so you must ensure you have 0 honour to get the maximum heal rate and be prepared to spend a lot of gold healing your troops...

  • 2,000 Workers
  • 2,000 Warriors
  • 26,000 Ballista
  • 20,000 Battering Rams
  • 50,000 Catapults