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NPC Buildings

NPC's no matter what level they are all have the exact same buildings inside them however the levels of the buildings depends on the level of the NPC. For example a level 1 NPC will have all level 1 buildings inside it, whereas a level 10 NPC will have all level 10 buildings inside it.

NPC Building Layout

This is a list of all the buildings and resource fields which are in an NPC. Capturing a high level NPC such as a level 10 can help you complete many quests such as that of building level 10 buildings, and if you capture an NPC with level 10 buildings it will save you having to use a Michelangelo script on each of your buildings to get them to level 10.

NOTE: Level 10 NPC's will have 40 resource fields when captured but lower level NPC's will not have the full 40 because the number of available resource fields is determined by the town hall level. To determine how many resource fields an NPC has just subtract 3 from the number of resource fields for every level you go down. For example a level 9 NPC will have 37 fields, a level 8 NPC will have 34 resource fields, a level 7 NPC will have 31 resource fields etc. This is because very time you go up a level in your town hall you gain 3 additional resource fields.

In Town Buildings

  • 1 Barracks
  • 1 Forge
  • 1 Workshop
  • 1 Inn
  • 1 Feasting Hall
  • 1 Warehouse
  • 1 Stable
  • 1 Relief Station
  • 1 Marketplace
  • 1 Rally Spot
  • 1 Embassy
  • 1 Beacon Tower
  • 14 Cottages

Resource Fields

  • 37 Farms
  • 1 Lumber Mill
  • 1 Quarry
  • 1 Iron Mine