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Phract Smacks

Quite possibly one of the most powerful waves you can send, a phract smack can wipe millions of archers in one go easily. The premise is simple. When your enemies walls are completely gone and preferably there are no layers (swordsmen, pikemen etc), only archers/mechanics left in the city you can send a phract smack. Because the enemy has no range boost from there walls, your phract's will reach the enemy archers very quickly, and if the enemy has no layers before the archers your phract's will travel straight at the archers.

What makes a phract smack so deadly is how you layer it. If you include a very small number of range units (archers, ballista, catapults), the enemy ranged units will target them first meaning your phract's will escape fire for a few rounds reaching the enemy archers and using their massive attack to decimate them.

Phract Smack Layering

  • 1,000 scouts
  • 10,000 cavalry
  • 111,000 Cataphracts
  • 1000 Archers
  • 1000 Ballista
  • 1000 Catapults

If the enemy has a huge amount of mech's in the city, include more catapults in the wave, about 10,000 or 20,000. You can also include the ballista number but make sure to keep phract's the main unit in the wave.

The phract smack can be used if your enemy has very small layers left but preferably you want no layers before the archers.

It can also be used if the enemy only has a few million warriors in the city and no walls. However in this case you could use a ram smack for less losses.