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Ram Smacks

Up against an enemy with no walls and a few million infantry left in his city then the ram smack is the wave to use. Whereas the phract smack works when the enemy has no walls or infantry but plenty of mechanics and ranged units, the ram smack works when the enemy has no walls or ranged units and mechanics but plenty of infantry. Rams actually have a long enough range, much further than swordsmen, pikemen and other infantry. They also have an insane amount of life, 10,000 with full tech's. Their life can be further increased to a massive 15,000 by making sure your hero has at 111 Intel or higher. This means putting a couple of pieces of gear onto Intel. Rams gain a life bonus from Intel up to 111 Intel. Above that there is no further bonus to their life.

Ram smacks can kill tens of millions of warriors if you have a good hero leading the attack.

  • 1,000 Worker
  • 1,000 Warrior
  • 103,000 Battering Rams
  • 10,000 Ballista
  • 10,000 Catapults

Because your rams will be like a massive barrier, itself inflicting massive damage on the enemy, you can include a few strong ranged units within the wave. The catapults and ballista will fire freely on the enemy as the will be protected by your rams.