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scouts unit type evony

Smart application of a nation's military resources often means identifying the points that would benefit from it the most. The use of lightly armed but fleet of foot scouts to survey the situation can permit this effective application of might.

Game Description

Specially trained Scouts, spy for enemies' resources and intelligence

Advantages and Uses

Train very quickly

Can be used as scout bombs to knock out high value units in player cities

Can transport a small amount of resources over large distances very quickly

Can be used to spam out traps in player cities defences

Can be used to capture valleys off players easily


If a player has a large number of scouts in defence with a historic hero, it can take millions of scouts to get a report.

If scout bombs don't target the right units you can lose your scouts easily taking out barely any enemy units

Unit Statistics

Without research boosts
Population 1
Life 100
Attack 20
Defence 20
Food 2
Load 5
Range 3000
Speed 20

With full research boosts
Population 1
Life 150
Attack 30
Defence 30
Food 2
Load 10
Range 6000
Speed 20

Unit Cost

Basic Cost
Food 120
Lumber 200
Stone -
Iron 150

With 25% reduction Buff
Food 90
Lumber 150
Stone -
Iron 113

Unit Training Time

Training Time: 1 min 40 sec

(Without research or attack bonus)

Technology Bonus (TECH)
Level 1 1 min 30 sec
Level 2 1 min 21 sec
Level 3 1 min 13 sec
Level 4 1 min 6 sec
Level 5 1 min
Level 6 54 sec
Level 7 48 sec
Level 8 44 sec
Level 9 39 sec
Level 10 35 sec

TECH plus Hero Attack Bonus
100 Attack 31 sec
200 Attack 27 sec
300 Attack 23 sec
400 Attack 20 sec
500 Attack 18 sec
600 Attack 16 sec
700 Attack 14 sec
800 Attack 12 sec
900 Attack 10 sec
1000 Attack 9 sec

Most of these figures are accurate, a few are off by a couple of seconds. But overall they are a good indication of what the bonuses are. The formula for the technology bonus is very simple, 10% reduction per level, ((min*60+sec)-10%)/60. The attack bonus was slightly harder to figure out but in the end it seems every 100 points of attack reduce the time by 13%, so ((min*60+sec)-13%)/60.