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swordsmen unit type evony

As a serious military weapon, the sword had to wait for the development of iron working and the first true swords date from around 1200 BC. Swords in antiquity and classical times tended to be relatively short since they were made of bronze and later because they were rarely called upon to penetrate armor. The classic Roman stabbing sword, the gladius, was only about 2 feet long. In later years, the gladius gave way to the spatha, which was a long slashing sword of the barbarians and the forerunner of the great broadswords of medieval Europe.

Game Description

The strongest melee unit, they are effective against archers.

Advantages and Uses

Probably the most underestimated unit in the game

High defence value and life meaning they can take a good beating

Large amount of swords in defence can withstand a huge amount of archer rainbows

Only require 1 population so large amounts can be put on training at once

Can work in a compact defence as well as a ranged defence


Although it states they are effective against archers that simply isn't true in small numbers. Their speed means archers will get a number of round of hits on them before they can reach them.

Swordsmen really don't have a huge amount of disadvantages. But they are much better placed in defence than in attack.

Unit Statistics

Without research boosts
Population 1
Life 350
Attack 100
Defence 250
Food 3
Load 30
Range 275
Speed 30

With full research boosts
Population 1
Life 525
Attack 150
Defence 425
Food 3
Load 60
Range 550
Speed 30

Unit Cost

Basic Cost
Food 200
Lumber 150
Stone -
Iron 400

With 25% reduction Buff
Food 150
Lumber 113
Stone -
Iron 300

Unit Training Time

Training Time: 3 min 45 sec

(Without research or attack bonus)

Technology Bonus (TECH)
Level 1 3 min 23 sec
Level 2 3 min 3 sec
Level 3 2 min 44 sec
Level 4 2 min 28 sec
Level 5 2 min 13 sec
Level 6 2 min
Level 7 1 min 48 sec
Level 8 1 min 37 sec
Level 9 1 min 28 sec
Level 10 1 min 19 sec

TECH plus Hero Attack Bonus
100 Attack 1 min 9 sec
200 Attack 1 min
300 Attack 52 sec
400 Attack 45 sec
500 Attack 40 sec
600 Attack 35 sec
700 Attack 30 sec
800 Attack 26 sec
900 Attack 23 sec
1000 Attack 20 sec

Most of these figures are accurate, a few are off by a couple of seconds. But overall they are a good indication of what the bonuses are. The formula for the technology bonus is very simple, 10% reduction per level, ((min*60+sec)-10%)/60. The attack bonus was slightly harder to figure out but in the end it seems every 100 points of attack reduce the time by 13%, so ((min*60+sec)-13%)/60.