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Unit Travel Distance

The maximum distance you can travel on the map in any distance is 565.7 miles

This is because if you keep traveling right on the map, you will eventually re-enter the map on the left, the same applies if you keep going the opposite direction or if you go north or south etc. The 565.7 miles is if you travel 400 miles to you right, and 400 miles north lets say. After that you will actually be going back toward your launching spot.

The distances shown here are the maximum range a unit can travel without another unit carrying food for them (transporters/workers etc).

NOTE: The numbers shown are with TECH's full.

Unit Maximum Map Travel Range
Worker Full Map (565.7 miles)
Warrior Full Map (565.7 miles)
Scouts Full Map (565.7 miles)
Pikemen Full Map (565.7 miles)
Swordsmen Full Map (565.7 miles)
Archer 378 miles
Cavalry Full Map (565.7 miles)
Cataphracts Full Map (565.7 miles)
Transporters Full Map (565.7 miles)
Ballista 25.2 miles
Battering Rams 19.4 miles
Catapults 8.4 miles