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Upgrading Stars

After slowly getting my 15 stars i have realised that most players, (myself included for a while) go about upgrading stars the completely wrong way wasting thousands of gems when in fact there is a very cheap method to get a high star set.

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What you need to understand is that there is absolutely no point in having a 10,11 or 13 star set. The life bonus for star sets is at 9,12,14 and 15 star sets so having a 10,11, or 13 star set does not give you any bonus.

You need to keep only lv9 stars minimum. This set provides the biggest boost in terms of cost when attacking NPC's. You only need a level 12 star set if you are going to attack level 14 or 16 historic cities. Keeping a level 12 star set while trying to upgrade your pieces is extremely costly because you will spend hundreds if not thousands of gems ensuring getting all you failed stars to level 12, whereas getting all your failed pieces back to level 9 stars is extremely easy using the method I'm about to explain

Low Level Star upgrading (Level 1 to 5)

I have seen how at these lower levels you can eat through hundreds of gems and not get past level 5. Some players use Delicate Gems up to level 8, which is just crazy, because you will fail so much. What you need to do is get by the lower levels as quickly as possible and get onto using blue gems because their success rate is much higher. This is the most cost effective method to use and you will get to level 5 with minimal fails.

  • Level 1 - 1 Delicate Gem
  • Level 2 - 1 Delicate Gem
  • Level 3 - 3 Delicate Gems
  • Level 4 - 4 Delicate Gems
  • Level 5 - 4 Delicate Gems

(If you have just upgraded multiple pieces successfully at very high levels, and you are trying to get your last failed piece back up, use 4 flawless Gems at level 5. You will find after successful upgrades at high levels, afterwards you will fail like mad unless you start using blue gems earlier. You can even start using 4 flawless at level 4 if you keep failing really badly)

Use this method and get every single piece to level 5

From here on use 4 Flawless Gems when upgrading past level 5

Medium Star Upgrading (Level 6 to 11)

Between level 6 and 9 its very easy to upgrade your stars using 4 flawless gems. The success rate is very high so the way you take advantage of this is like this.

Level 6

Once you have all your pieces at level 5, upgrade every one to level 6, if one fails move onto the next until you have upgraded every one. Most if not all will go up. When you have tried them all go back to the failed ones and using the same method, get them to all to level 5 then try them to level 6. Keep repeating until they are all level 6.

Level 7, 8, 9

Now when all your pieces are at level 6, try to upgrade them all to level 7, again if one fails move on and once they are all tried go back and get all the failed ones to level 7. Repeat this method up until you get all your stars at level 9.

Level 10

Star upgrading is pretty much the same method as before BUT for one difference. When you go back and try to upgrade the failed ones, only get the last piece to level 9. This means you will have every piece at level 10 apart from one at level 9.

The reason for this is like i said before you only need the level 9 star set bonus and getting the last piece to level 10 can cost a lot of gems. The last piece you try to upgrade always seems to eat a ton of gems.

Level 11

This is the same method as for level 10s, you try them all, go back and get the failed ones to level 11, but only get the last piece to level 9

level 12

This is the same method as for level 10s, you try them all, go back and get the failed ones to level 12, but only get the last piece to level 9

Level 13 and 14

At this stage you are ready to try for 14s and 15s. What you need is multiple stars at level 12, the more you have the higher the stars you can try for. The way it works is this. Starting with the lowest stars you have, whether they are level 9s,10s or 11s, start with the lowest lets say level 9, and try to get it for 10, next move on and try all your 10s to 11, next try the 11s to 12. Now you will have only level 12s stars and a few pieces at 0. You probably will fail a few at this level but this is what you want, you want to fail the low pieces preferably and keep your success for the high pieces.

Now you need to try all your 12s to level 13. You want between 6 and 10 level 12s at this point, you will get between 3 and 6 to level 13.


You can either go back now and try to get all your failed pieces apart from one to level 12 and then try for more 13s or you can go straight for 14s now. The few 13s you have hopefully got, preferably between 3 and 6, you can try to upgrade them all to level 14. the success rate can be dodgy, you will probably get between one and four to succeed.

Level 15

The method for 15s is pretty much the same as that for 13s and 14 however you want a good few of your pieces at level 13 before you try for 15s. Again preferably between 6 and 10. Start with you lowest try to get them to the next level, when the fail move on until you are left with just 13s, then try them all to 14, hopefully you pick up a few 14s, and next try all the 14s you succeeded on to 15.

What you will be left with after this method is whatever 15s you succeeded on. Every other piece will be at 0 now so hopefully you have picked up about three 15s. Now this might not sound like much but having 3 fifteen stars provides more of a bonus then having 15 level 9 stars. Even if you only get one level 15, it give a big boost.

What you need to do is get 15s, forget about other levels. Once you upgrade a piece to 15 you eliminate it, and you don't need to spend any gems on it meaning your overall gem spend will be down. Once you have a few 15s you will realise it gets much cheaper to upgrade gear when you have to work on a smaller number of stars.

Before you say anything....

You can try to upgrade your pieces separately one by one, but once you go past level 9, getting 1 piece to go straight to level 13 and 14 costs thousands of gems and getting to 15 is almost impossible.

I have used this method and t works like a charm, with hard farming you could actually pick up one or two 15s a week!