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Using Policies on NPC's

Only use policies on level 10 NPC's. Using the policies on other NPC's is just not worth it.

Tax Imposition

30% of gold

Pretty pointless to use on NPC's as you only acquire a very small amount of gold

Population Redeployment

50% of idle population

The handiest policy to use on NPC's. When used on a level 10 NPC you can acquire 32,000 population. You can use this on NPC's to put a large number of troop que's on training

Food Levy

20% of food

When used on a level 10 NPC you can acquire just under 4 million food. Its not a great amount and you are much better off farming however if you are stuck with 0 food and you don't have much gold to buy any, it can be very handy to use if you want to get a small amount of food to send out farming waves


5% of one branch of troops

Another handy policy to use on level 10 NPC's. Using it once you can acquire 20,000 warriors. However something to watch out for is if the NPC has been attacked at any point in the day before hand you will acquire 0 troops from it


10% of troops

Pointless to use on NPC's. This policy is much better off being used on players