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Wall Defence

One of the most important aspects of defending your city is having the right wall defences. Your wall defences will determine what type of defence you will use. There is really two types of wall defences you can use, a ranged defence and a compact defence. Both have their advantages and what is attacking you will determine what is the best defence to keep.

Ranged Defence

A ranged defence gains its range from having either abatis, traps or defensive trebuchet on the walls. They will start the battle at 5200 paces meaning the battlefield will be the maximum length possible. The down side to this type of defence is that your infantry can mover toward the enemy ranged units fairly fast and get wiped out pretty quickly.

A basic defence is this:

  • 5,000 Abatis
  • 15,000 Archer towers

However you can include more abatis if you feel you are getting heavily spammed. Another way to do it is:

  • 12,500 Abatis
  • 10,000 Archer Towers

Compact Defence

The compact defence relies on your archer towers to set the range of the battlefield. Your archer towers will usually get hit first by the opposing ranged units, but because the battle field is a lot smaller nearly all your units will attack at once. Cavalry and cataphracts can be devastating in defence in a compact defence, however if you lose your infantry layers, you an easy be phract smacked and have all your troops wiped. Layers are a lot harder to break down in compact defence, so the choice is up to you. A compact defence does seem like a better option but only if you have massive amounts of troops. You need to have a high swordsmen to archer ratio in your city, about 3:1 is a safe bet.

  • 18,333 Archer Towers

Another way to use a compact defence is to include rolling logs in the setup. They have high attack power however compared to archer towers they are at a huge disadvantage. They take a lot of lumber to produce and when they are used up you have to build them again.

  • 5,000 Rolling Logs
  • 11,666 Archer Towers